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Is the iPhone 12 Pro Really Worth It and are Samsung Leaving Apple Behind?

So the new iPhone is now released and like the other most recent iPhones, it's exspensive and not a huge amount has actually changed from the previous model. I am personally a huge Apple fan, but even I am forced to admit the new iPhone hasn't evolved much - the only real difference I can see with this new model is that it is 5G compatible; something that Samsung were a whole year ahead on. To the more eagle-eyed amongst you, you will also notice that Apple have gone back to a flat-edge design as opposed to the round-edge design, so it's almost as if Apple can't come up with a new design and seem to just keep recycling the old designs every few years.

There are of course pros to the new iPhone; if you love your photography the camera is truly epic and the editing options on the phone are brilliant - coupled with a new faster processor and a great battery life - but if we're being honest, that's about it. In complete contrast to this, there is Samsung where loads is changing, they are truly going places with their new phones with entirely new concepts such as their modern take on the flip-phone; the new foldable phone. Samsung phones are usually faster and have a better battery life, however their Android operating system lets them down. Yes, it has more flexibility in what you can do and that's great if that is what you're after, but for me personally it's not a particularly user-friendly operating system and not as secure either, which is why you often need an anti-virus software for them.

If there's one thing that Apple do brilliantly it's their own operating system - due to its ease of use, good security and the ability to link multiple Apple devices together effectively. But at the end of the day it's all down to personal preference and your own personal requirements. So if we go back to our original question - is the iPhone 12 really worth it? In my opinion, the answer is yes. It's expensive sure, it's the same phone as the iPhone 11 (just with 5G) and if you compare it back to the iPhone X, it's hardly changed at all really, but at the end of the day it's still a new iPhone and Apple fans like myself will continue to buy them. While Samsung are currently consistently innovative, Apple do seem to keep re-producing the same product with minor modifications. I personally believe that unless Apple start to change and come out with some new ideas and designs for the iPhone, they will soon find themselves second-best.

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